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AccSoft ERP had the unique privilege to participate in the 3rd Largest Exhibition in the World at GTEX IT Exhibition which was held in UAE recently. The participants arrived from different  countries, was very much interested and keen to learn that Accsoft ERP which ...

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About Accsoft ERP System

AccSoft ERP is an integrated mid-market Enterprise Resource Planning software to handle all key financial & business applications of a company in an all-inclusive, neat and tidy manner. 

It offers a full spectrum of features that handles all aspects of a business from Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory Control to a fully integrated General Ledger. Further it supports Manufacturing, Engineering and Workshop Management of a business Organization. 

Sales & Receivables

Controlling receivables and communicating with customers is critical to a business. AccSoft ERP helps nurture your relationships with these important people with tools that helps to manage. It helps setup credit limits, controls on Overdue Invoices etc. Also AccSoft ERP provides timely reports to follow up debtors. By providing enhanced features like Post-dated Cheques and

Purchases & Payables

Suppliers are key stakeholders in a business, and retaining reliable suppliers is important for business success. Loosing good suppliers can be a weakness, and disrupt production and/or the delivery of services.    Supplier Chain Management is an on-going process within a business. It seeks to reduce risk in the purchasing process, and maximise value from

Advanced Inventory

  Managing Inventory is essential to an Organisation. Over stocking will lead to excess storage requirements and additional financial cost. Under stocking will lead to loss of sales & customers. AccSoft ERP helps Organisation to keep stocks to an optimum level with re-order level report and prompt reminders. With Multiple Location feature you are totally

Advanced Accounting

  Treasury management is an important aspect of a business. Cash flow projections give a general idea of where the business is heading to.  MIS is very important for day to day controlling activities and useful tool for short-term and long-term planning. With integrated General Ledger AccSoft ERP gives crucial Management Reports by click of


  Controlling Estimates (BOM/BOQ) against actual usage is never easy. Without proper control you may not know where jobs are heading to. With AccSoft ERP we give comprehensive tools to control Estimates with Actuals for Materials, Labour and Overhead which will help to take preventive measures. By controlling Estimates by Stages you can be precise


  Controlling Estimates (BOM/BOQ) against actual usage is never easy. Without proper control you may not know where jobs are heading to. With AccSoft ERP we give comprehensive tools to control Estimates with Actuals for Materials, Labour and Overhead which will help to take preventive measures. By controlling Estimates by Stages you can be precise


  AccSoft ERP is designed to enhance the efficiency of Workshops & Spares Center by handling complete lifecycle of a Repair Job. It makes Job Costing, Inventory, Invoicing and Controlling Jobs easy. It will help retain Customers by providing a better service and maximise profitability.   •  Search warranty details by Customer, Invoice No or

General Features

These are some of the user-friendly features which are included in AccSoft ERP to do your work easily and obtain information fast.




VAT, SVAT & NBT Compatibility 

AccSoft ERP is totally localised software which complies with local tax regulations. With ever changing and 
complex tax schemes AccSoft ERP moves you forward. Any future changes of tax regulations will be taken 
care of. 

Job & Project Costing 

AccSoft ERP provides allocation of income & expenses to Jobs & Projects which will enable to track profitability by each Job. 

Comprehensive Audit Trails 

Though editing transactions are not recommended, sometimes it may be useful for certain users to have privileged rights. Audit Trail will provide detailed activities of users. 


AccSoft ERP will provide alerts to users on important activities to be performed. Things such as Overdue Invoices and Supplier Bills, Items to Re-order, PD Cheques to deposit are few of them. 
Handling Profit Centres
AccSoft ERP provides allocation of income & expenses to different Profit Centres which will enable tracking profitability by each segment of business. 


With monthly Financial Budgeting it’s easy to control Actuals and obtain a detailed analysis report. 

User Password Management 

A comprehensive User Security Management in AccSoft ERP will give controls up to field level. Administrator can set up users precisely with areas of access for transactions & reports. 

Digital Document Approval to Enable Smooth Workflow in an Organisation

You may enable this feature for certain documents. This will control certain activities only with higher authority. Eg Exceeding Credit Limits, Invoicing for Unpaid Customers etc.

Multi User & Multi Company with Remote Access 

Only the hard disk space is your limitation. AccSoft ERP supports Multiple Companies with unlimited users from anywhere. (Purchase of license required) 

Exporting Reports 

All reports are directly exportable to PDF, MS Office and Open Office. 

Email Documents 

It is possible to email any documents. This feature enables PO, Invoices etc. to be emailed directly without any hassle, which integrates with standard email client. 

Supports Third-party Application Integrations 

System supports seamless read and write access to third-party softwares. Which enable to plug-in other softwares to AccSoft ERP

Drill Down Reports 

Extremely user-friendly feature which makes life easy. All AccSoft ERP reports can be drilled down up to source documents. 

Backing up Data 

Your company data is the most important thing which needs to be backed up on a daily basis. With AccSoft ERP’s Easy Backup you may take backup of the data file without interrupting other’s work. Also AccSoft ERP features a compulsory backup function which needs to be setup by an administrator. In given number of days if a backup is not taken it will alert users and after expiration of the stipulated number of days users are not allowed to log in to the system. 

Advanced Reports & Graphs 

AccSoft ERP has an inbuilt tool to customise reports, which allows the users to add fields, filter, group by criteria and formulas etc. With this powerful tool users can create own reports and memorise them for future use. Most of these reports are directly convertible to graphs. 


With different Centres it is easy to find information all in one place. Eg: Customer Centre will provide all information related to Customers in one place. AccSoft ERP also provides Supplier, Inventory and Accounts Centres to make life easy.  

Add-on Modules

AccSoft ERP has numerous add-on modules to choose from. You need not invest in a whole package. Select & pay for only what you need.



Multi Currency Compatibility 

Expand your business internationally. With Multi Currency feature enabled you are not bound to transact in one currency. 

Serial Number & Warranty Tracking 

Now you can buy and sell items which needs to track Serial Numbers of products. At any time system will give stock balance detailed by Serial Numbers 


Multiple Price Levels & Quantity Discounts 

With AccSoft ERP now you can maintain Multiple Prices for one item which is linked to a customer (i.e. Whole Sale Price, Cash Price etc.). Also you can give Quantity discounts on purchasing to encourage customers to purchase more quantities. 


Document Attachment Module 

With AccSoft ERP it’s possible to attach files to transactions and master files. A customer agreement could be attached to Customer File or an Invoice while a picture could be attached to the Item Master file. 


Consolidation of Accounts 

You may have multiple companies which needs to be amalgamated in order to see group results. AccSoft ERP will provide you with a Consolidated P & L and Balance Sheet 


Fixed Assets Module 

AccSoft ERP has a simple Fixed Assets Module which is not fully integrated. This enables users to maintain Fixed Assets register reconciled to the account balances. It calculates depreciation on periodic basis. 


Auto Schedule & Email Reports 

Each user may define what reports need to be emailed on given schedules. This helps as a reminder to go through important reports and would be useful if you are out of office